Long live the corgi!

How Britain's late monarch gave a little dog a big boost

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Queen Elizabeth II was famously fond of Corgis. She owned more than 30 of the small and sturdy canines during her 70-year reign, sharing her royal home with up to ten at any one time. Two of her beloved pets, Muick and Sandy, even took part in her funeral procession. So the Welsh breed - which has humble origins as a cattle herder - will forever be associated with majesty.

But as recently as 2014, The Pembroke Welsh Corgi featured on the British Kennel Club's list of vulnerable dog breeds. The Club explained that only 274 new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies had been registered in the UK that year. "Any breed which has fewer than 300 registrations is classified as being vulnerable," the Club secretary said.

Since then though, there's been good news, with a significant boost in the number of Corgi registrations in the UK. In fact, recent figures show that the breed's numbers have surpassed 1,000 for the first time since 1994.

This sudden growth in popularity has been credited to screen appearances in films and TV shows about Her Majesty, especially the hit Netflix series The Crown.

Small as it is - it moves cows by nipping at their heels - the Corgi now has a high profile. During Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations earlier this year, royal fans were left stunned by a dazzling light display featuring a giant Corgi that lit up the night sky. The breed's future looks bright.

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