Serena Williams on her efforts to stay serene

The tennis ace is soon to retire. But first, she's sharing her insights into fitness - mental rather than physical


During a recent conversation with Selena Gomez for Wondermind, a "mental fitness" platform co-founded by the actress, the athlete opened up (1) about how she maintains her mental health. 

She discussed how she takes care of (2) herself, especially during challenging times, and detailed the importance of boundaries.

She explained that: "Whether [fitness is] physical – like my back right now – or whether it's mental... it's really about managing... how you're able to kind of just manage your emotions, your feelings and everything and still be able to perform.

"As wife to tech mogul (3) Alexis Ohanian and mum to their four-year-old daughter Olympia, Serena stressed (4) that she wasn't just talking about her career, but about "performing in general... just performing in day-to- day life".

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So, what advice does she offer? "I always try to think of what are the most important things to me and prioritise those."

She added that "mental fitness" is learning how to "shut down," and she said: "I have serious boundaries (5), and I don't let anyone cross those boundaries."

1. To open up = To confide
2. To take care of = To look after
3. Mogul = Powerful and successful entrepreneur
4. To stress = To emphasise
5. Boundary = Dividing line

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