Stars at school

A look at the varied achievements of some famous faces

Por hola.com

From high school drop-outs to law students, the celebrity sphere has space for all.

Naturally, some of the biggest names in music and film are stage school alumni. Jennifer Aniston, who embodied Friends' ditsy Rachel, studied performance in New York, while across the Atlantic, British pop diva Adele followed the same well-trodden path.

Another singing superstar, J.Lo, embarked on a college course after high school, but decided it wasn't for her and left to pursue her music dream. Model Gigi Hadid did go the whole way with university, with a perhaps surprising choice of subject, Criminal Psychology. She's not alone with the legal theme. Now that she's the world's most famous influencer, Kim Kardashian is taking on the challenge of becoming a lawyer. To judge by her father Robert's example, she'll go far. He was the attorney who defended OJ Simpson. 

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Natalie Portman's attainments are impressive, since she was selected to study Psychology at top university Harvard. Not only that, she gained her degree there between 1999 and 2003, while she was also busy filming the Star Wars prequel trilogy. As an actress, Natalie will have found that her studies paid dividends, giving her a special insight into character and motivation. 

All said though, celebrities' life stories often remind us that formal education is far from being everything. One of the most successful people ever in his chosen field left school at 14. That's the age when football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo decided to channel his extraordinary energy entirely into the 'beautiful game'. We doubt he has any regrets!



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