Brad Pitt’s personal struggles

The A-lister has spoken candidly about the changes he's made since his 2016 marriage split


In a recent interview with GQ magazine, Brad told how dealing with his emotions has helped him to quit (1) drinking and smoking. 

Revealing that he's been sober for about six years now, he said that attending Alcoholics Anonymous had been a huge help to him.  The anonymity part of the organisation's creed (2) was crucial (3), he said. 

"I had a really cool men's group that was really private and selective, so it was safe," he explained. "I'd seen things of other people who had been recorded while they were spilling their guts, and that's just atrocious to me."

As he chewed on a nicotine mint, he also spoke about quitting smoking during the pandemic, confessing that the process had been hard since he wasn't able to gradually lower the count.

"I don't have that ability to do just one or two a day," Brad said. "It's not in my make-up. I'm all in."

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It seems that the actor has delved (4) deep into his problems during the years since his marriage ended, dealing with (5) the difficult emotions that can lead to unhealthy habits.

He told GQ: "I always felt very alone in my life... and it's really not till recently that I have had a greater embrace of my friends and family." 

He went on to reveal a knowledge of philosophy when he said: "What's that line, it was either Rilke or Einstein, believe it or not, but it was something about when you can walk with the paradox, when you carry real pain and real joy simultaneously, this is maturity, this is growth."

1. To quit = To stop doing something
2. Creed = Set of beliefs
3 Crucial = Absolutely essential
4. To delve = To go beneath the surface 
5. To deal with = to manage, resolve

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