Home, school and beyond - where the Windsors were educated

As William and Kate's children start at a new school together, we look at their parents' and grandparents' experiences

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Following a long tradition of aristocratic girls being educated at home, both Her Majesty and her sister Princess Margaret were schooled in the 1930s and '40s by governesses, notably Marion Crawford, who they nicknamed Crawfie, and who spent 16 years with the family. Although it wasn't considered necessary for the girls to gain formal qualifications, among their accomplishments was fluent French.  To prepare her for her role as monarch, Elizabeth also studied constitutional history with an expert. She and Margaret were the last of the Windsors to be educated at home.

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The Queen's heir, her eldest son Charles, was sent away to boarding school aged just eight. He started at 'prep' (preparatory) school, before being sent to Gordonstoun in Scotland, where his father Prince Philip had spent his own schooldays. The education there emphasised outdoor activities, initiative and resilience. As a shy and not very sporty child, Charles didn't enjoy it.

As a teenager, he got to experience life on the other side of the world, at the Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. He describes his year there as the happiest of his school career.

In 1967 the Prince of Wales chose to follow his interests in history, archaelogy and anthropology by enrolling to study for a degree in these subjects at the University of Cambridge. He graduated in 1970, the first modern British royal heir to do so.

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Charles's own sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were lucky enough to have each other for company at boarding school, which, like their father, they attended from age eight. The pair have good memories of both all-boys school Ludgrove and then the world-famous Eton, where countless British and foreign leaders - including 20 Prime Ministers - have been educated.

While Harry followed school with military training, William set off for prestigious Scottish university St Andrews, where he was awarded a degree in geography. That's not all he took away from St Andrews - it's where he met fellow student Kate Middleton. And the rest, as they say, is history. 



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