Iman speaks of life love with David Bowie

Iman remembers her late husband and the happiness they shared during their marriage

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Rock star David Bowie's model wife Iman remembers her late husband and the happiness they shared during their long marriage. Read carefully, then take our multiple choice challenge.

David Bowie and his model wife, Iman, were married for 24 wonderful years before he tragically died of cancer in 2016, and the rock star will never be far from Iman's thoughts or her heart.

Five years after his death, the mother-of-two has opened up about their relationship in an interview with People magazine and revealed why she will never marry again.  

Speaking to the publication, the cosmetics pioneer and CARE global ambassador, 66, said that when her daughter, Alexandria 'Lexi' Jones, now 21, asked her if she would walk down the aisle again, she recalled: "I said 'No, I will not.' I still feel married.

"Someone a few years ago referred to David as my late husband and I said 'No, he's not my late husband. He's my husband.'"
Iman gave an insight into their wonderful marriage and revealed she knew early on that he was the man for her.

"David said it was love at first sight," she admitted. "It took me a few months but I got there." 

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She added: "Early on, we were walking down the street and my shoelace came undone and he got on his knees to tie it for me and I thought 'he's the one'." 

Iman, who has created her first fragrance, Love Memoir, called their romance, "epic," and said she knew him as David Jones, not the rockstar everyone else recognized him as. 

While it's been a process to grieve, she says she draws strength from all the years she was lucky enough to have him in her life. 

"There are days that are harder than others but the memories are not all sad of why the person isn't here. The memories are now of how great it was.

"Sometimes I have to remind myself that I had 26 years. So I have that to sustain me."

Iman also feels comforted living in the home they shared for so many years.

"I definitely feel his presence, especially when I look out over the glorious sunsets at our home because David loves sunsets," she said. "So in that way he is ever present. Through my memory, my love lives."


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